Spirit of St. Vincent

By | July 17, 2016

“The Church is compared to a great harvest field that needs laborers, but the laborers are wanting. There is nothing more in keeping with the Gospel than, on the one hand, to gather up light and strength for the soul in prayer, spiritual reading, and solitude, and then to go forth and dispense this spiritual good to men. This is doing what our Lord, and his Apostles after him, enjoined. This is to join the office of Martha and Mary. This is to imitate the dove, that half digests its food and then with its beak places the remainder in the mouths of its young to feed them. That is how we should act, that is how we should bear witness to God, by our deeds, that we love him! Totum opus nostrum in operatione consistit [Action is our entire task.]” (source: Letters, St. Vincent de Paul, Volume 11, Letter 25, per http://topaz.cstcis.cti.depaul.edu/quotes/quotes/883)